Sunday, June 10, 2012

10th CityWide Musabaqah

The 10th Citywide Musabaqah

Musabaqah is an arabic word which literally means 'competition' or 'contest'. It is also a Maguindanao term for Madaris. The 10th Citywide Musabaqah Sports and Academic Competition with the theme "Ang Karunungan ay Kayamanan" was held last May 26-27, 2012 at the Maahad Shar-ie Compound, Camasi, Barangay Ligaya, this City.

The Musabaqah was in coordination with the City Mayor's Office headed by Hon. Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio, Cultural Affairs headed by Community Affairs Officer III - Mr. Jahal Addat, Gensan City Madaris Federation Inc., Sugoda Buayan Royal House and NCMF.

In his speech as guest speaker during the opening ceremony of the 10th Citywide Musabaqah or Madaris Intramurals, Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV acknowledge the efforts of the people behind the program in fostering education among the Muslim constituents. He also noted that the Musabaqah in the city was able to relate with issues regarding peace and development.

The citywide Musabaqah is an intramurals of Madaris students represented by delegates from each barangay held every summer.

Madaris students participated in the intramurals

According to Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV's speech, he mentioned that what we need is a new generation of Muslim brothers and sisters. A generation that would help in eradicating the bad impressions on Muslim and help in expanding the peace and development among communities.


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