Thursday, June 7, 2012

PCL Operation Tuli 2012

 In line with summer vacation is the opportunity to conduct activities concerning the youth aged between 7 to 15 years. The Sangguniang Panlungsod of General Santos particularly the Office of the City Councilors is one with the vision of implementing its yearly "Operation Tuli".

The "Operation Tuli" is funded by the Philippine Councilors League - Gensan Chapter. This yearly program of the PCL-Gensan Chapter, "Opertaion Tuli" or free circumcision for young boys is done before the summer ends to give healing time of the circumcised boys.

The PCL-Gensan Chapter headed by its president, Hon. Vivencio E. Dinopol supervised the medical team as well as the committees assigned during the barangay operations. This year, Barangays Tinagacan, Batomelong, Conel, Olympog,  Fatima, Lagao (Johnny Ang Subd.) and Mabuhay were the beneficiaries.

The boys were given words of encouragement by the city councilors before they were lined up for the circumcision. City Kagawads Leyson, Vicente and Oco also helped the medical team in conducting the circumcision. While City Kagawads Natividad, Bagonoc and Dinopol assisted them.

The venues of the tuli was a beehive of the operation tuli, an undertaking supported by the GSC Hospital with a feeding program conducted by the Local Legislative Staff Assistants of the City Councilors.

The free service given to the boys help put into action the PCL-Gensan Chapter's social responsibility in communities.  Around 200 boys underwent free circumcision under the PCL's yearly operation tuli program. The services were done during summer to help young boys of GenSan avail free circumcision from medical professionals, which is according to doctors is essential to their good health and proper hygiene. The program also gave free medicines for the boys good for 1 week and distributed snacks after the operation.

the city councilors in action....

the medical team....

the local legislative staff assistants....

the boys....

group shots....


Yasir Saleem said...

thanks for this information

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the heros for donating time for this wonderful community service!!!

Anonymous said...

So much better for these boys than the old ways. Professional medical doctors and nurses doing the procedure. Very important step in the boys lives!

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that circumcision of young boys is still very common in some parts of the world, about 80 percent of all men worldwide are uncut, including by far most men who are living in Europe, Russia, and China. Assuming that this is sufficient evidence for the needlessness of circumcision in general, how can we sanctify events such as "operation tuli"?

It does not matter whether you are female or male, cut or uncut yourself, what do you feel if you imagine to be forced to have a painful painful and bloody surgery performed at your genitals. Do you really like this idea? And what would you think if lateron you found out that it had been a procedure without a real sense, which caused so much fear and pain to you, leaving your genitals irreversibly modified?

In the US, circumcision rates were quite high in the last century, but are dropping for years now. Do you know why?

To circumcise a young boy means to cut away sensitive parts of the genitals of a human being who can't speak for himself due to his young age. Have you already tried to circumcise an adult man who is not willing to have this procedure performed? Try it.

Circumcision is NOT a harmless general prophylaxis. It is the amputation of a nerved (hence sensitive) and blood-supplied part of the male genitals. Circumcision can come by the cost of rare but severe risks, including infections, and other serious side effects. Even if performed under best surgical conditions, around the world boys have been dying due to unavoidable complications of their circumcisions. And their number is rising day by day.

I am sure that you thought you were providing a useful health service when joining "operation tuli". Do you still think so, now that you have read this? If yes, what is your argument?

Inform yourself!

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