Monday, February 13, 2012

NIA-IA Wet Season Sharing

Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV attended the NIA-IA Sharing Program for Wet Season for calendar year 2012 last February 3, 2012 at the Sarangani Highlands, Barangay Tambler, General Santos City. The said program recognizes the efforts of the Irrigators Association in terms of their commitment on ISF Collection as partners towards continuous development.

The sharing scheme takes effect every end of the season. For Dry Season, it is from January1 to June 30 while during Wet Season, it is from July 1 to December 31 every year.

IA Sharing for Wet Season 2011

1. Collection Efficiency (C. E.)

Rank 1 NACORIA = 100%
Rank 2 GSIA = 90.01%
Rank 3 GFFIA = 86.86%
Rank 4 KASAFIA = 84.25%
Rank 5 NUFIA = 83.86%
Rank 6 BBIA = 79.09%
Rank 7  BALAFAIRAS = 77.09%
Rank 8 BRISFIA = 76.60%
Rank 9 MIA = 74.34%

2. Functionality Survey (F.S.)

Outstanding IA

Very Satisfactory IA

Satisfactory IA

awarding of certificates

with NACORIA President Mr. Danilo Ea and NIA Administrator Ma'am Gina Lozano

 certificates and recognition are given by Committee Chair on Agriculture and NACORIA President Mr. Danilo Ea

Committee Chair on Agriculture during his speech

Here is the copy of his speech during the NIA-IA Wet Season Sharing:

Magandang Gensan!
I am honored and privileged to deliver a message on this special gathering especially for the new officers of Farmers Field School. I take this as a very important occasion because it is now the right moment to talk seriously on the future of our agriculture.
For the past years, we introduced and implemented various programs and projects. We did maximize our resources and tried our very best to improve the socio-economic situation in the country. However, we encountered a lot of problems along our way to industrialization. These, however, did not deter us from pursuing our dream for a better future.
We have aimed and worked hard for total industrialization hoping to be counted and at pace with other newly industrialized countries. Our commitment is relentless and without any hesitation. Together, our efforts will bear fruits not only for agriculture and industrialization but to sustainable development as a whole.
The farmers need seeds, fertilizers, and other farm inputs that are accessible and affordable. They need technology to hasten agricultural production. Facilities must be in place for their production and post-harvest needs. They also need help to protect the environment and be assured of their main source of survival.
We have been proud of being a country with rich natural resources. But we must admit now that due to overexploitation and continued abuse, these resources are depleting.
Our aspiration to be an industrialized and a fully developed country would stay as a dream if our agriculture remains to be backward. Thus we have to act now before we lose our chance to arrest the root causes of poverty.


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