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Generals roared in Rodeo Day

Kalilangan Festival Rodeo Day

Kalilangan 2012 was a festival full of programs and activities for all the generals. One of which is the Rodeo Day, organized by the City Government of General Santos - Hon. Darlene Magnolia R. Antonino-Custodio in partnership with the City Agriculturist Office - Merlinda Donasco and Committe on Agriculture headed by its Chairperson Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV and Vice Chairperson Hon. Richard L. Atendido.

Xavier University Bull Riders Team

The rodeo day was not the first in the city, in fact it was brought back to the list of events during the Foundation Anniversary of the City to give the cowboys of GenSan and other neighboring cities to showcase their talents.

The day was filled with whips and hisses of lassos and bullwhips hurdled into the air as the Rodeo Day 2012 in GenSan pits local cowboys and ranch hands from the city and throughout the region.

With 8 teams participating from places as far as Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon , Kabacan and Marawi they competed in all of the various events in the festival. The different events were not limited to cowboys only but also for the women as well. The cowgirls have also corresponding individual events and a team event composed both of cowboys and cowgirls to give twist to the different categories.

Events include calf lassoing, casting down, bull riding, bull wrestling and karambola. There were also minor events such as load carrying, wood chopping and tug of war. The events were indeed full of fun and excitement as the crowd roared to every ooosss and aaaassss of the participants.

Gensan is known for its world class yellow fin tuna, the emergence of asparagus and now, hopefully the revival of the rodeo day will rebuild the haydays of the generals' true cowboys.

After all the Kalilangan 2012 celebration aims to revive, rebuild, revitalize and invigorate the local experiences of the vibrant and wonderful cultures and traditions.

XU Bullriders an Rodeo Team with Kag. Richard Atendido

Wood Chopping participant from MSU Marawi Herd

Wood Chopping paticipant from USM Rodeo Club

MSU Marawi Herd during the Tug of War

MSU Marawi Herd with CM Hon. Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio, Hon. Eduardo Leyson IV and Hon. Richard Atendido, Committee Chairperson & Vice Chairperson on Committee on Agriculture, respectively

CMU Saas Rodeo Team with CM Custodio, Hon. Ed Leyson IV and Hon. Ric Atendido

MSU Rodeo Club with the Chief Executive of Gensan Ma'am Darlene Antonino-Custodio, Kagawad Ed Leyson IV and Kagawad Ric Atendido

Little cowgirl enjoys the show

Little cowboys of Kag. Ric Atendido poses with ABS-CBN's  Ms. Chat Ansagay

one of the bulls

our beloved City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio

team from Province of Kabacan, Cotabato

from Cagayan de Oro, the XU Rodeo Team

still from Cagayan de Oro, the XU Bullriders

from Marawi City, the Marawi Herd

Chair on Committee on Agriculture, Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV

the ever courageous local cowboys who untiringly did a good job with the cattle

the hardworking local cowboys

man vs. wild

calf wrestling

local cowboys wrestle the calf


TEAM                                                                                          MAJOR EVENTS
                                                             Calf Lassoing   Cald Lassoing   Casting     Bull         Bull          Karambola    Total       70%
                                                                  (Men)               (Women)          Down    Riding  Wrestling          
XU RODEO TEAM                                   5                           3                        5                             3                  5                 16        11.20
XU BULLRIDERS                                                                                                                            5                                     10          7.00
CMU SAAS RODEO TEAM                                                4                        3          4                                     3                 14          9.80
CMU ORGASMS                                                                                             4          1.5              4                                       9.5        6.65
USM RODEO TEAM                                                                                                  1.5                                                       1.5        1.05   
USM AGRI RODEO TEAM                                                 5                                                                                                5           3.50
MSU MARAWI HERD                                                                                               5                                                         5           3.50
MSU RODEO CLUB                                 4                                                                               4              8          5.60

TEAM                                                                                                 MINOR EVENTS
                                                                  LOAD            WOOD         TUG OF WAR   TOTAL    30%     GRAND    RANK
                                                              CARRYING   CHOPPING                                                              TOTAL

XU RODEO TEAM                                                                                                                                          11.20        2ND
XU BULLRIDERS                                      3                                                                      3            0.90          7.90        3RD
CMU SAAS RODEO TEAM                                             3                          2                   5            1.50        11.30        1ST
CMU ORGASMS                                                               1                                               1             0.30         6.95
USM RODEO TEAM                                                                                                                                         1.05
USM AGRI RODEO TEAM                      2                                                  1                   3            0.90          4.40
MSU MARAWI HERD                              1                                                                       1            0.30           3.80
MSU RODEO CLUB                                                          2                         3                   5            1.50           7.10


RANK                       TEAM

1ST              CMU SAAS RODEO TEAM
2ND             XU RODEO TEAM
3RD             XU BULLRIDERS
4TH             MSU RODEO CLUB
5TH             CMU ORGASMS
7TH             MSU MARAWI HERD
8TH             USM RODEO TEAM


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