Monday, June 18, 2012

PNP Get Seminar on Basic Parliamentary Procedures

Some of the men and women of the Philippine National Police in General Santos participated to a recently held Seminar on Basic Parliamentary Procedures.

The seminar was held on June 14, 2012 at the Conference Room of Camp Fermin G. Lira here in the City of General Santos. The Basic Parliamentary Procedures Seminar was delivered by the Committee Chairperson of Blue Ribbon, Human Rights, Anti-Graft and Corruption, HONORABLE EDUARDO D. LEYSON IV.

City Councilor Eduardo D. Leyson IV was welcomed by PNP officials in behalf of the Police Superintendent Atty. Cedrick G. Train. The PNP of Gensan emphasized the need of additional knowledge on basic parliamentary procedures to help them guide and direct the organization in setting the goal in continuous growth and development.

Topics discussed include different types of meetings, motions, agenda, voting and debate. Kagawad LEYSON IV also discussed among the participants the difference between Parliamentary Procedure and Robert's Rule. He also shared his insights about the common practices and legal standards for comment at public hearings. As resource speaker, Kagawad Leyson IV gave the requirements of holding a meeting, explained the need of a presiding officer, secretary, quorum, rules and procedures and the order of business.

The Seminar on Basic Parliamentary Procedures given by Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV to members of PNP Gensan has enabled them to know the basic principles of parliamentary organization or government particularly helping them understand the Philippine Legislative System, the Parliamentary Procedures in Sanggunian among others.

After the seminar, HON. EDUARDO D. LEYSON IV was handed a  Certificate of Recognition in grateful appreciation and acknowledgement for his unselfish sharing of valuable time, knowledge and skill.


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