Monday, February 6, 2012

Dinner for a Cause

During the first consultative meeting held last January 5, 2012 at the Vice Mayor's Conference Room, Hon. Eduardo D. Leyson IV's Committee on Ways and Means sponsored the letter request of Fr. Giovanni Oncog, CP - parish priest of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (OLPGV).

Fr. Oncog's request was for a resolution waiving all city taxes in view of the "Dinner for a Cause" on March 3, 2012 to be held at the KCC Convention Center, this city. The said fund raising event by OLPGV is intended for the Catholic Mission to the Indigenous People (CMIP) of the Passionist Congregation and the upgrading of the sound system of OLPGV Church.

At the said consultative meeting, the chair manifested that OLPGV will be selling one thousand (1,000) pieces of tickets at a rate of Php 1,000 each. On the other hand, City Treasurer Rodilon Lacap also enlightened everyone present that there is a provision in the local ordinance which explains that there is an exemption to certain fund raising activities such as this event, that when the beneficiary is a charitable or religious institution, then no taxes are to be imposed on amusement. Mr. Lacap also added that a passage of a resolution is not necessary because the said event will be covered by the ordinance.

However, Hon. Bagonoc pointed out that it a resolution which is only an expression of sentiments and that it is the committee's sentiment to support the cause of the event initiated by the OLPGV Parish Priest. Hon. Casabuena also manifested her support for the said passage of the resolution which was later on amended as " Resolution Supporting the Dinner for a Cause of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage through Rev. Fr. Giovanni Oncog, C.P., as a Fund Raising Project for their Mission."

Before the meeting was adjourned, Ms. Evangeling Doctor, representative of Fr. Oncog, once again manifested that they are grateful for the city council's support of the said Dinner for a Cause.

The said resolution was then scheduled for urgency the next session and was approved last January 10, 2012.


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